Welcome to Mount Athos Area!

panoramic view Welcome to Mount Athos Area!

Finishing the prime summer season, Athos region changes colours and shapes. The Mediterranean blue which joins 300 whole kilometers of coastline with the sky light, gives place to the golden red of the forests and the thousands shades of autumn, when three colourful and verdant mountain volumes, protected by the European Net Natura 2000, offer to guests tourism forms and options of great interest:

PREFECTURE OF HALKIDIKI snow1 Welcome to Mount Athos Area!Walking routes on 8 mapped historical walking routes,

walking route1 Welcome to Mount Athos Area!

nature1 Welcome to Mount Athos Area!

Cycling routes between dreamy countryside,

PREFECTURE OF HALKIDIKI forest1 Welcome to Mount Athos Area!
Wine routes to 8 wineries and 30 traditional tsipouro cauldrons,

Gastronomic delights to restaurants, which are inspired by the cuisine of the mountainous regions and create warm and tasty dishes, using only the local organic products.

pie2 Welcome to Mount Athos Area!The region still is getting prepared to wear its Christmas costume, and the mythical “Paramithohora” of Stratoni is opening its celebration’s gates for a whole month: from the beginning of December until its end! The residents of 16 settlements of the”third leg” will celebrate the local rituals, the choir will sing the traditional carols, the Christmas outdoor markets will fill the air with scent of roasted sausage and spices, the lights will turn on and the dance of Christmas will begin!

Christmas2 Welcome to Mount Athos Area!


Mount Athos Area knows to live and welcomes guests every season of the year. 35 five lodgings on the mountainous area and the coastal zone as well remain open during the winter and welcome to joy all who decide to share with us the celebration, obtaining experiences and memories from those who smell intensely the aroma of our pure childhood

More information on www.mountathosarea.org

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