Toques d’Or 2017: here are the best restaurants in Greece

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The “Toques d’Or”, the most authoritative gastronomic awards in Greece with the hallmark of “Athinorama” and “AlphaGuide”, were presented also this year to the best restaurants in the country. Whether you are traveling to Athens or to some other destination in Greece, keep this list to be prepared.

Kato Korakiana, Corfu
In a very particular year for Ektoras Botrini, his flavours were coloured by the central idea of “persistence of memory.” In a menu that reflects on his personal culinary course, drawing inspiration from classic Corfiot specialties and the Italian culinary heritage of his father, he “embroidered” amazing creations with original combinations and high-level technique.

13, Paramythias Str. & Salaminos Str.
Kerameikos, Athens
The restaurant of Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos has evolved into a workshop of delicious conceptual ideas. There, they explore the very essence of some classic dishes of the Greek cuisine, translating them into sexy, delicate, playful small masterpieces.

24Β, Vas. Georgiou II Str., Halandri, Athens
In his elegant restaurant in Athens, Ektoras Botrini approaches some of his old dishes from a new angle, changing their culinary style, and adds new ones, in a menu with many variations and an emphasis on materials, where his Italian-Corfiot roots and experiences coexist with international experiences, and perfect execution with exciting visual and taste games.

5, Pyrronos Str., Pangrati, Athens
The trump card of “Spondi” and Chef Angelos Lantos is the elegance with which they approach classic dishes of the French cuisine, on the one hand, and the creation of modern specialties with Mediterranean touches, on the other hand. The desserts of Yiorgos Platinos are always among the highlights of the dinner. The ritual-like service adds to the sense of a grand restaurant. 

No. 54-56, Akti Koumoundourou,
Mikrolimano, Piraeus
With the seal of Lefteris Lazarou and the valuable contribution of Yiannis Parikos, the “Varoulko” renews and develops its fish-and-seafood cuisine with new, elegant creations. The modern culinary aesthetic and the successful combination of fresh ingredients justify the fact that it is an award winner for so many years in a row. Exquisite desserts by Thodoris Moysidis.

“Bill & Coo” Hotel, Megali Ammos, Mykonos
Athenagoras Kostakos plays – theatrically and conceptwise – with memories, ingredients, and dishes of the Greek cuisine, creating an impressive repertoire. Sharp counterpoints, beautiful harmonies, tastiness, and innovation, are the main features of this exciting, modern approach to contemporary Greek gastronomy. The desserts of Angela Simou deserve a special mention.

“Astir Palace” Hotel, No. 40, Apollonos Str., Vouliagmeni, Athens
With the Japanese gastronomy as its basis and Peruvian elements in its quiver, the cuisine of the famous Nobuyuki Matsuhisa evolves with ethereal umami tastiness. Here, we try the best sushi in Greece and, of course, the “signature” Black cod miso by Chefs Vassilis Papatheodorou and Tony Vratsanos.

“Danai Beach Resort” Hotel, Nikiti, Halkidiki
In the romantic terrace of the “Danai Beach” Hotel, the super talented Vassilis Mouratidis stimulates the senses with a captivating sequence of dishes/culinary landscapes that set the bar even higher this year. Unexpected combinations, balance between finesse and intensity, complexity and impeccable technique in a restaurant that is a true gastronomic destination and also boasts an exceptional selection of wines.

“Ekies All Senses Resort”, Vourvourou, Halkidiki
How often can you dine in a stylish tree house? In this miniature restaurant that sits just ten people and is set up under the branches of a large pine tree on the beach of the Gulf of Vourvourou, Chef Dimitris Pamporis improvises creatively on the flavours of the Greek tradition, creating a menu with personality, modern aesthetics and deep relish.

“King George” Hotel
No. 3, Vasileos Georgiou Str., Syntagma, Athens
Modern Greek cuisine, with dishes that combine today’s culinary concepts and yet are full of aromas and flavours that connect them with tradition. Sotiris Evangelou lives up to his reputation as the leading Greek executive chef for another year, and Alexandros Koskinas confirms the skills and knowledge that allow the “Tudor Hall” to hold an enviable position among the top-of-the-line Greek restaurants.

Modern international cuisine
“Sani Resort”, Sani, Halkidiki
Dishes characterised by imagination, style, and attention to detail, under the supervision of the French Chef Jacques Chibois, are served in a romantic setting opposite the marina. Mediterranean ingredients, French foundations, perfect technique, and balance are the main features of the creative cuisine served at the gourmet restaurant of the “Sani Asterias Suites” Hotel.

Regency Casino Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki
Chef Apostolos Altanis deservingly wins the only Toque d’Or of Thessaloniki for the umpteenth time. The dishes that he proposes boast an international aroma with clear Italian influences. The exciting combinations coexist harmoniously while a well-organized brigade makes the most of the premium ingredients, leading to excellent results.

“Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel”, Elounda, Crete
On a terrace with fantastic views of the sea, Chef Jean-Charles Metayer proposes a fine cuisine, in tune with the general philosophy of the resort. Both the compositions that are based on fish and the meat dishes have the top quality ingredients as their common starting point and graft international perceptions with Cretan and Greek touches.

14, Oublianis Str. & 27, Diocharous Str., Ilissia, Athens
Alexandros Tsiotinis, an award-winning chef with bold ideas and international experience, continues his course as chef-patron and performs remarkably well. A set menu that is a hit and some à la carte dishes offer moments of pleasure and do justice to the reputation of their creator.

“Grande Bretagne” Hotel,
1Α, Vasileos Georgiou Str., Syntagma, Athens
Steadily rising in recent years, the restaurant on the terrace of the “Grande Bretagne” Hotel has evolved into a great favourite with both Greek and foreign visitors of Athens. The cooperation between the Executive Chef Sotiris Evangelou and the restaurant’s Chef Asterios Koustoudis results in a modern menu full of cosmopolitanism, finesse, and some classic elements too.

Onassis Cultural Centre, No. 107-109, Syngrou Ave.,
Neos Kosmos, Athens
Through a constant search for exceptional and rare ingredients, Chef Tasos Mantis refashions culinary memories of Greece in a creative manner. The result is an original and sophisticated gastronomic proposal. The advanced techniques that he uses have substance, and this year the restaurant is in the best form since he took over the reins.

Fira, Santorini
Chef Nikos Pouliassis tables a sui generis proposal in the gastronomic scene of Greece. He plays with rustic and refined through daring combinations and eccentric unions that have a happy ending. His artistic nature can balance wine-cured cheese with chestnut, kumquats, ginger and black pepper, or rice with lobster broth, passion fruit, coconut and black truffle in the same dish.

“Andronis Luxury Suites”, Oia, Santorini
The new chef Pavlos Kyriakis keeps the gastronomic bar high in the luxury restaurant of the hotel, with a modern cuisine with Greek and Mediterranean hues. His dishes have the proper amount of personal character, imagination, and balance, and he also proves to be a master in handling top-shelf ingredients.

“Belvedere” Hotel, Rohari, Mykonos
In the most cosmopolitan courtyard in Mykonos, the favourite, multi-awarded restaurant creates, for yet another year, new-style dishes with Japanese foundations and Latin American influences. Its cuisine is highly creative, elegant and full of imagination, and offers dishes of high standards.

“Sani Resort”, Sani, Halkidiki
As you sit in front of the moored boats at the marina, you feel as if you are invited to a feast of flavors, fragrances, and colours, with Chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos acting as host and orchestrator. His dishes are plethoric – without losing the sense of proportion – and their Greek character and soul form a singular, personal fusion with the flavours of the world.

“Daios Cove Luxury Resort”, Vathi,
Aghios Nikolaos, Crete
A new entry in the club of the Toques d’Or. On the modish terrace that looks out on the private bay of the compound, we enjoyed the creations of the young and talented Chef Demos Balopoulos, who seeks to create a personal, modern gastronomic cuisine with international and Greek influences, raising the bar of fine dining in the area.

Modern international cuisine
“The Margi” Hotel, 11, Litous Str., Vouliagmeni, Athens
In the summer restaurant of “The Margi” Hotel, Chef Panayiotis Yakalis has the opportunity to dive deeper into gastronomy’s waters. The refined, carefully made Greek-Mediterranean dishes showcase the talent and imagination of the Chef who beautifully develops his cooking and wins the bet, relying on ingredients sourced from the hotel’s farm. 

Modern Greek cuisine
“Grace Santorini” Hotel, Imerovigli, Santorini
The talented Chef Spyros Ayous, even better than last year, creates a new benchmark of the gastronomy of Santorini in the “Santoro” restaurant of “Grace” Hotel. His style is an expression of a modern approach to the Greek cuisine, which draws inspiration from traditional dishes that he refines, playing with them with a fusion attitude.

Pyrgos, Santorini
The iconic restaurant of Yiorgos Hatziyannakis, which leads the way for 30 years now showcasing the unique products of Santorini and the local cuisine, returns this year to the Toques d’Or. Thodoris Papanikolaou presented some excellent dishes and made us applaud his cuisine for its sophisticated Greek character and finesse.

Toques d’Or 2017: Greek Cuisine Awards


Together with the Toques d’Or, the Greek Cuisine Awards went to restaurants and tavernas that serve modern and traditional Greek Cuisine. Whether you are traveling to Athens or to some other destination in Greece, keep this list to be prepared.

Modern Greek cuisine
No. 57, Megalou Alexandrou Str., Metaxourghio, Athens
In one of the most stylish and tasteful restaurants in Athens, Gikas Xenakis creates a unique Modern Greek cuisine repertoire, seasoned with creativity. Dishes such as the pumpkin mousse with chestnuts, apaki (a kind of cured meat) and truffle, or the slowly roasted lamb with “gigantes” beans, celeriac, caper, and yuzu play imaginatively with innovation and familiarity.

“Ekies All Senses Resort”,
Vourvourou, Chalkidiki
The stylish all-day restaurant, a breath away from the sea, dresses up in the evening offering the award-winning Chef Dimitris Pamporis the opportunity to remember some of his iconic dishes, which are indicated on the list by the year in which they were presented. There are also some new dishes in the familiar, modern Greek style of the Chef.

“Mandraki Village” Hotel,
Koukounaries, Skiathos
Chef Nikos Stavrakakis develops his technique with brio, performing increasingly well. His conceptual approach bears a genuinely Greek sign – in some dishes with a mood for fusion. The dishes that set the tone are the mullet-baklava with sweet-and-savoury crunchy filo pastry and fragrant sea fennel sauce, and the long-bill spearfish ceviche with a fantastic broth from stuffed cabbage leaves and pickled fennel.

Elounda, Crete
Using excellent products of the Cretan land and sea that he sources from select small producers, Yiannis Baxevanis offers an intensely tasty cuisine, masterfully using an impressive wood burning oven. The velvety fish soup with seawater, the stuffed fish with herbs, and the smoked risotto with mushrooms are some of the restaurant’s standouts.

“Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites”, Ornos, Mykonos
The restaurant of the brand new “Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites” is a new entry in the Greek Cuisine Awards. In a setting with eye-catching design and exceptional elegance, it presents a Modern Greek cuisine characterised by a deep knowledge and creativity. The bold, yet refined Chef Yiorgos Stylianoudakis, a lover of research on Greek gastronomy and hard-to-find quality ingredients, delivers dishes that creatively blend tradition with modern techniques. 

Oia, Santorini
With last year’s success as its starting point, the cuisine that Gikas Xenakis created in the charming restaurant of Oia is revving up this year in the hands of Nikos Koutsoukos. Dishes such as the exquisite cod with garlic-and-potato dip and tomato jam; the caramelized chicken thighs in risotto; and the Macedonian halva mousse with spearmint-scented praline and lemon sorbet are expressions of the cuisine’s modern perspective in this atmospheric balcony.

Potidaia, Chalkidiki
This restaurant-benchmark of quality fish eating fish in Kassandra with the refurbished dining hall on the seafront never ceases to evolve. This year, among other things, we were thrilled by the crayfish carpaccio with basil and chili, the tuna ceviche, and the sautéed shrimps with the delicious bisque, and enjoyed fresh, ethereally fried mullet and grilled amberjack.

Lindos, Rhodes
Chef Dimitris Mavrikos is a modern exponent of the cuisine of Rhodes, bringing tradition to the present. He seasons his creations with deep relish, giving them an almost exotic character with his choices. Dishes such as the “gigantes” beans with carob honey, the pickled eggplant, the goat with chickpeas, or the calamari with beetroot and saffron are expressions of an exciting Rhodian idiom.

“Hilton” Hotel, 46, V. Sofias Ave., Athens
Costas Spiliadis, a chef famous in New York and beyond, upholds the reputation and taste of fresh Greek fish. He does so in “Hilton” Hotel too, his base in Athens. The proper grilling, the exquisite fish tartare and sashimi, and some quality meat dishes place the “Milos” among the top restaurants of its kind.

Firostefani, Santorini
The team of Yiannis Kioroglou, bound together as never before, turned “Mylos” into a benchmark in the gastronomic scene of Santorini. Dishes such as the pan-seared seafood with feta cheese “snow”; the smoked eel with white eggplant cream and green apple; and the veal cheeks with smoked potato puree and pesto from Santorini tomato paste express an essential modernism while being strongly rooted in tradition. (Adam Kontovas, a winner of a Greek Cuisine Award, will be the chef in the new season).

“Elounda Mare” Hotel, Elounda, Crete
In the garden of the renowned resort of Elounda, close to the sea, the elegant restaurant has been a success for years, offering a superb Modern Greek cuisine with Cretan touches. The acclaimed, award-winning Chef Antonis Petrelis and the kitchen crew create robust dishes, such as the whole meal lasagna with rooster and soft white cheese from Mt. Psiloritis, with taste depth and harmonious contrasts that smell like Greece.

No. 42, Akti Koumoundourou,
Mikrolimano, Piraeus
The leading restaurant for fish eating in Attica banks on the highlighting of the subtleties of the sea cuisine by the virtuoso Yiorgos Papaioannou and the excellent quality of the ingredients. The modern concept of the sea cuisine finds a place in the chef’s palette with creations borrowed from the “raw” logic. Based on the masterful handling of the pan and the grill, “Papaioannou” constantly progresses, maintain a high level of technique and taste.

10, Panepistimiou Str. (in the arcade), Athens
In Panepistimiou Street, charcoal and rotisseries now rule in the arcade that once housed the legendary ouzo bar of “Apotsos.” Yiorgos Tsiligiris brings premium meat eating to the centre of high-class Athens. In the luxurious, urban-style dining hall, apart from premium meat (in terms of race and aging), he serves black pig “kontosouvli” and “kokoretsi,” namely spit-roast variety meats.

No. 15, Plateon Str., Kerameikos, Athens
Both the intimacy and the feeling that the taste of tradition brings on are there, and so is the modern concept along with up-to-the-minute techniques. The dishes of Alexandros Kardasis continue to charm with their beautiful directness and Greek soul in a restaurant that has been making history for years in the field of friendly gourmet.

“Sani Resort”, Sani, Chalkidiki
The unpretentious fish tavern of Alexis Lakkas that sets its tables beneath the trees, opposite the marina of the “Sani Resort” hotel, professes the charm of simplicity in the best way. Fresh salads, delectable meze dishes and fresh fish that is fried with mastery and grilled with precision are always there for you. And if you are lucky, you’ll get some hard-to-find seafood delicacies you’ll never forget.

Regency Casino Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki
In his summer “outfit,” Chef Apostolos Altanis proposes Greek dishes with a modern perspective. The lush garden, the discreet musical accompaniment, and a good wine list make dining out an open-air pleasure.

Kolimbari, Chania
Don’t be misled by its name. “Argentina” is a classic fish tavern in the harbor of Kolimbari and is one of the few good places of its kind. The family that runs it has a tradition in dealing with fish and everything they suggest is worthy of attention. From among the ready-made fish dishes, the grouper with orzo pasta stands out.

22, Xanthoudidou Str. & Radamanthyos Str.,
Old Town, Rethymno
On the right side, romance with candles; on the left side, an ultra modern décor with traditional elements; in the middle, an impressive, green courtyard. In the kitchen, Yiorgos Stylianoudakis, experienced and creative, “rereads” the traditional Cretan cuisine with a contemporary mood and the result is delectable. The place boasts an excellent wine list with 400 labels and a cellar where tastings take place. High-level service.

36, Aghiou Nikolaou Str., Litochoro, Pieria
Andreas Gavris is the keeper of taste in a region where quality restaurants are hard to find. He suggests – with remarkable persistence in fact – dishes that combine taste adequacy and simplicity that allows their understanding without ever becoming simplistic. The masterly handling of the high-quality ingredients justifies the guest’s choice.

“Six Keys” Hotel, Kallifteri Beach, Afissos, Magnisia
Grilled pie with a lace-like filo and a super fragrant stuffing of herbs and creamy white cheese; pork shoulder with orange confit that slowly cooks in oil for six hours; crunchy kataifi with a hint of coconut and lime, served with cinnamon ice-cream, milk caramel sauce and rose preserve: the cooperation of Dionysis Zacharopoulos with Yiannis Baxevanis gives off a lovely smell of Greece.

1, Ktena Str., Athens
In a secret garden of downtown Athens, Leonidas Koutsopoulos makes real Greek food with an unconventional approach. Iconic local ingredients, modern techniques, and inspiration from the cuisine of the East are recast into an urban mould and connected with the light touches of a well-balanced modernity. The elegance, taste and Greek character are apparent in all dishes.

18th km. of the Amyntaio-Kastoria Road,
Sklithro, Florina
A Greek cuisine that often draws inspiration from the local Macedonian tradition and relies on carefully selected ingredients. Modern approaches and classic forms that keep tradition alive make up a compelling whole that proposes dishes worth trying.

“Domotel Kastri” Hotel, 154, E. Venizelou Ave. & Romylias Str.,
Nea Erythrea, Athens
Classic dishes such as pie with greens, stuffed cabbage leaves and artichokes “à la polita” are there, slightly “tweaked.” Chef Alexandros Charalampopoulos has shown his talent by working systematically on the modernization of Greek cuisine. He continues in the restaurant of the “Domotel Kastri” Hotel for the second year, with an even more impressive streak of creative, highly expressive dishes with nice ideas, high-level technique, and a very clear Greek identity.

Xino Nero, Florina
Skillful and daring in his views, Nikos Kontosoros continues his course in a “difficult” area for gastronomy of high pretensions. The taste adequacy of the dishes he proposes has turned his restaurant into a magnet for the lovers of taste, who travel dozens of kilometers to enjoy his cuisine.

No. 49, Eolou Str., Kantza
Premium quality meats, mostly of Greek origin, are grilled expertly by Nikos Dogiakis, who delivers intensely savoury dishes that everyone relishes. Whoever has tried the lamb chops of the “Kritikos” knows what we are talking about.

Polygyros, Chalkidiki
An unexpected culinary experience, able to make you change your route to enjoy it, awaits you in Polygyros. Dishes such as the calf’s heart with soy and smoked paprika sauce, the cod meatballs with hot sauce and bergamot jam, and the cuttlefish with capers and mashed potato with hartwort express an approach to cooked and meze dishes with imagination and peculiarity.

Elia Coast, Nikiti, Chalkidiki
On the seafront, at the coast of Elia in Nikiti, Ms. Yota offers a series of dishes with an airy flavour but also with strong traditional elements. She also proposes a unique collection of unusual, original liqueurs and pickles. An ideal place to try excellent Greek cuisine and enjoy goodies that are hard to find.

Aghios Panteleimonas, Florina
Angelos Naoumidis progresses year by year and fully lives up to the reputation of his restaurant on the banks of Lake Vegoritida. Excellent handling of freshwater fish (from the lake, of course) and dishes that go beyond fish eating and have a strong Greek sign.

“Poseidonion Grand” Hotel, Spetses
On the most stylish verandah on the island of Spetses, the award-winning Chef Stamatis Marmarinos presents a very personal, Modern Greek cuisine. Based on the local character of ingredients and the local culinary tradition, which he uses as his “canvas,” he “embroiders” his cuisine with up-to-the-minute techniques and a fresh look. The result? Impressive dishes with a strong Greek character.

No. 6, Phaethonos Str., Nea Krini, Thessaloniki
Mrs. Kyriaki Toptzi is not just in the kitchen. Some people say that she is actually “inside the fish” at the moment when it receives the caress of the fire. Without an extensive list of appetizers, with the pan and the grill prevailing, be it fish or shellfish, “Tasos” proposes unique culinary pleasures.

“Costa Navarino” Hotel, Pylos, Messinia
For another year, Chef Dimitris Melemenis places emphasis on dishes with a strong stamp of both quality and Greek character. The high-quality base ingredients, which are often produced in farms within the compound, and the unique culinary approach give a result that highlights our culinary tradition in the eyes and the palate of the guests of the “Costa Navarino.”

“The Zillers” Hotel, 54, Mitropoleos Str., Athens
Konstantina Faklari returns to the award-winning team by signing the specialties of the restaurant of the namesake boutique hotel, which made its debut last summer in a terrace opposite the Acropolis, with a down-to-earth gourmet profile. Since then, it has performed increasingly well in terms of taste and refinement and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste with original desserts.

“Amirandes” Hotel, Gouves, Iraklion, Crete
There has been a change of guard in the kitchen, with Chef Vangelis Fronimakis in charge of the team now, but the results are equally remarkable. The cuisine maintains its Greek character, with an unmistakable stamp of the Cretan gastronomic tradition. The creative flair and capacity to handle traditional local products bring a Greek Cuisine Award for another year.

Defkalionos & Ikarou Str.,
The taverna of Chrisostomos Orfanoudakis, located at the edge of the Venetian harbor of Chania, is a constant exponent of authentic Cretan cooking. It has a neat interior, and a small flowery terrace for the summer; the bread, and the meat are baked and roasted in the wood-burning oven; and the casseroles, which come is generous portions, bear a clear local sign and are full of taste.


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