Island Hopping in the Aegean Sea

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santorini 1 Island Hopping in the Aegean Sea


Greek islands, summer, holidays… Three little words, that bring spontaneously to our minds sweet memories! A whitewashed alley, a colourful flowerpot, a blooming flower corner, a local old man telling you a story, blue tablecloths on modest tables in the middle of a square and endless blue scenery, are just a few of those characteristic images that we all love and can’t wait to see more in summer months! Read more

Hidden Paradise Within Cyclades

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shutterstock 99161444 Ios Hidden Paradise Within Cyclades

You have most likely read many articles about the Greek Islands and the Cyclades, most of them focused on Mykonos and Santorini. Therefore we have decided to show you some secret gems of the Cyclades, different from the touristy and popular “Instagram” islands. Greece is beautiful due to the country’s diversity, there are more than 2.000 islands to visit and still only very few are popular. Read more

Path Art Way on Amorgos Island

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 Path Art Way on Amorgos IslandIn the first days of September, let’s visit  Amorgos in order to meet  17 visual artists creating and shaping works along the path that goes from Vroutsi to Rachoula in the southern part of the island(Kàto Merià) Their project is based on the history of Cyclades and raw materials of Amorgos. Installations inspired by the recent past, the needs and the purpose of the path, aiming to shed a different light on the landscape.  Read more

The Cyclades – Great Expectations!

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IMG 7014 The Cyclades   Great Expectations!When you travel, expectation and reality can be two very different things.  My first trip to the Cyclades was filled with enormous expectations…one of quiet, golden sandy beaches, sea water in every shade of blue and food so divine, it was as if Zeus himself was in the kitchen!  And, the reality?  The Cyclades have been everything I have expected and more.  So much so, I have returned the following two summers, after that first trip, to explore more of this magical archipelago in the Aegean.  From the hills of Amorgos to the crystal-clear waters of Koufonisia, the glamour of Mykonos to the jaw-dropping drama of Santorini, the Greek Cyclades deliver.  The island rhythms are slow and enchanting, the people friendly and the breeze cool.  Roaming from one island to another is pure bliss; with the Cyclades making it easy to forget anywhere else in the world exists! Read more

Oh ocean-steamer, you sing and weave *

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12 Oh ocean steamer, you sing and weave *Every place has its own characteristics, determined primarily by the environment and the human presence. With the passage of time, some of them get stronger and some are lost. There are also some that dominate, creating stereotypes that prevent you from getting to know the others. Andros is often referred to in the guides as the Noble Island of the Cyclades. But is it really like this? Or it is more like the figurine of a woman, who alternates faces like the sea of the Aegean?
Read more

Craving for the sun on Syros Island

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KkL 316w 1024x685 Craving for the sun on Syros IslandWe live in the center of the Aegean; we grew up near the sea, and under the sun. And that’s what we are trying to pass through our design process. From the names of the sunglasses, to their designs, the graphic creations and their photographs, we are trying to give the feeling of the place we live. From images of Ermoupoli’s houses, fields under the sun at the villages of Syros, everything relates to the bright blue color of the sea and the bright light of the Aegean sea, reminding us its islands. Lines and forms on the frame of our sunglasses that remind the waves of the sea, the boles of pine trees, the flow of the sand in the golden beaches of the Mediterranean and the essence of the cool summer night breeze. Read more