Skiathos hiking paths

k BILD0426 Skiathos hiking paths

Skiathos offers more than summer, sun, beaches and sea!

Of all the islands in the Northern Aegean Sea, only Skiathos offers:

  •  25 well marked hiking paths….in total 197 Km!
  • from easy hikes to medium difficult ones
  • from 1 to 6 hours walking time
  • through fascinating nature, with wonderful panoramic views of the Aegean, the surrounding islands and the mainland
  • romantic picnic spots.
  •  historic sites of Skiathos island
  • guided hiking available
  • walking on the trails of Papadiamantis and Moraitidis
  • routes for mountain biking
  • New in Skiathos…Geocaching (look at Opencaching or Geocaching)
  • Hikers, obtain the Wanderes`s Medal! Each hiking trail has a special code, which you can make a note of. Whoever can show evidence 20 hiking trails, will receive the beautiful Wanderer`s Medal!
  • For this purpose a special book is at your disposal: Island and Hiking Guide of Skiathos with maps. All the hiking paths are marked and described in detail, with maps and the special information for the island of Skiathos.
k Wandern11 Skiathos hiking paths

By Ortwin Widmann
Walking Skiathos



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