Ios: sophisticated refreshment

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drz Q0H8394 Ios: sophisticated refreshment

Just outside Hora, the luxurious Liostasi Ios Hotel & Spa

Most of you know it as the ultimate party island, with all-day fun in the large sandy beach of Mylopotas and all-night fun at the bars of Hora. In recent years, however, many visitors discover some other aspects, such as its exquisite cheeses, or the extensive network of trails. Moreover, two brand new boutique hotels opened this summer, showing that Ios can attract a more sophisticated public. Read more

Corfu: Divers Guide

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Reef Corfu: Divers Guide

Corfu is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in all of Greece. Known for its glorious beaches, good food and traditional Greek culture, the island is the perfect place to escape everyday life. However, unbeknownst to most, Corfu is not only an exciting place to be above sea-level, but also below. For me, what makes Greece so exciting compared to other countries is that, until recently, the coasts were very difficult to explore. Read more

Sailing: Best Way To See The Greek Islands

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Sailing 1 Sailing: Best Way To See The Greek Islands

The Greek islands are an incredibly popular tourist destination, with millions of Greek mainland residents and international visitors flocking to their shores every year. And, if you’ve ever visited the islands, you’ll know why. From glorious beaches and incredible diving spots, to examples of pure and traditional Greek culture and unique landscapes, the islands of Greece are a hard to match. Read more

5 Snapshots of Greece

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Lesli husband on Skopelos 11 5 Snapshots of Greece

My first memory of Athens was waking up to the busyness of the downtown morning traffic. I was travelling on a high school trip along with my best friend. We quickly threw on shorts and t-shirts. It was only 8 o’clock in the morning and already I felt moisture prickling the back of my neck. We opted to take the wide staircase from the third floor as we couldn’t be bothered with the mechanics of the tiny elevator. We were in a hurry to meet Athens! Once in the main lobby, we went straight out onto the street almost colliding with a Greek woman. Read more