5 hotels for Easter in Corfu

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CORFU  5 hotels for Easter in Corfu
As it is most likely that you identify the big island in the Ionian Sea with dives in crystal clear waters and unforgettable summers, you may not know that Easter in Corfu is one of the most unique and popular in Greece, as Orthodox Christian and Venetian traditions coexist, under the sounds of dozens of bands and choruses. The highlight is the throwing of terracotta pots – the so-called “botides” – from the windows of the houses at the crowded “Spianada” square. To enjoy Easter in Corfu, you should make a timely reservation for a room in a hotel in the Old Town, where you will experience the true atmosphere of celebration without troubling yourselves with how to move about. Read more

The contribution of Greek National Tourism Organization to the Greek Inflatable Boats Society volunteer work

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The Greek Inflatable Boats Society was founded in 1987 and since then constitutes a body that has demonstrated its passion for the sea and the inflatable boat while struggling for the conservation of the marine ecosystem. In 1999 the missions “Life on the Aegean Rocks” were established, aiming not only at pointing out the difficulties of life there, but also at promoting the uniqueness of the small islands of our country. Read more

Fairytale Messinia: All the Greek charm you can get in one area!

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Kalamata Fairytale Messinia: All the Greek charm you can get in one area!Kalamata

Fascinating history and magnificent archaeological sites, one of a kind landscapes of the Messinian shores under the shadow of the great Taygetus, a “feminine” river, an epic naval battle that changed the flow of Hellenic history, a beach named after cattle’s stomachs and two iconic castles. Messinia Prefecture looks like a fairytale and waits for you to explore it! Read more

Delos, a place of gods

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shutterstock 59304424 Delos, a place of godsLeto was about to give birth to Apollo and Artemis. She was desperately searching for a place to rest but Juno, the wife of Zeus, was trying to avenge her because she carried the children of her adulterous husband. She had forbade all regions to shelter the poor pregnant woman. Only one floating rock in the middle of the Aegean sea, Delos, decided to become the refuge of Leto. Read more

One can still hear the singing Nymphs on the islet of Oinousses….

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….. listen closely and you will also become hypnotised by their lullabies.

fassoli One can still hear the singing Nymphs on the islet of Oinousses....Fassoli Beach….A secluded beach facing out on the Aegean Sea….

Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, just to name a few, are the “usual suspects” when one thinks holidaying in the Greek isles. But my favourite little rock in the Aegean Sea is a special place that remains undiscovered and definitely holds the accolade of “little gem” of the Greek islands. Read more