Frutalia Omelette from Andros Island

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Frutalia cu w Frutalia Omelette from Andros Island

Delving into the secrets of traditional Greek cooking, I never cease to be amazed by how delectable and comforting recipes have been practiced and honed to perfection over the years, with each season’s offerings, focusing on the highest quality. At the same time, the country’s vastly varied topography and diverse microclimates offer a wide assortment of local cuisines and dishes unique to a certain island or prefecture. Take Andros for example and its characteristic “frutalia” omelette, a satisfying meal made with a handful of carefully chosen local ingredients. Read more

5 reasons to fall in love with Andros Island

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Andros 1 5 reasons to fall in love with Andros Island

Greece is a country blessed with the gift of countless beautiful islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas. No wonder why during summer months these little pieces of heaven attract thousands of visitors. However, there is one island which still remains an untouched paradise waiting to be discovered even though it’s just a 2h ferry ride from Rafina port near Athens. Andros Island is a hidden gem in the Cyclades and we’ve put together just a few of the reasons why one can easily fall in love with its charms. Read more

Alternative Urban Shopping

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Greek multicultural and historic flea markets

urban shopping Alternative Urban Shopping
Ever since the antiquity, the centre of Athens has hosted the city’s commercial life. The Monastiraki flea market starts from the vivid Monastiraki Square and snakes through the surrounding streets right in the heart of the buzzing capital. Avissynias Square is where you’ll find antiques loaded with the power of nostalgia. Read more

5 + 1 sites to see when visiting Loutraki

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loutraki shutterstock 729398383 5 + 1 sites to see when visiting Loutraki
Loutraki is a popular destination for both the local Greeks and tourists coming from across the world. It is a site that is well-known for its natural thermal springs, its quaint blue-flag beaches, crystal clear waters and iconic landscapes. If you are planning a visit to Athens then you absolutely need to check these idyllic locations near Loutraki. Read more

Luxury Yacht Charters

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The affordable and convenient choice for navigating the Greek Islands

shutterstock 66012793 Racing yacht Luxury Yacht Charters
Those uninitiated in a Greece luxury yacht charter might imagine one of the massive millionaires’ superyachts sitting on the horizon – and the lofty price tag for a week-long vacation on board – but for an affordable all-inclusive rate there are many brand new luxury catamarans, classic motor yachts and everything in between that will let you cruise through the busiest hot spots at your leisure. Read more

Island Hopping in the Aegean Sea

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santorini 1 Island Hopping in the Aegean Sea


Greek islands, summer, holidays… Three little words, that bring spontaneously to our minds sweet memories! A whitewashed alley, a colourful flowerpot, a blooming flower corner, a local old man telling you a story, blue tablecloths on modest tables in the middle of a square and endless blue scenery, are just a few of those characteristic images that we all love and can’t wait to see more in summer months! Read more

Birdwatching @ Lake Kerkini and More

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kerkini 15 Birdwatching @ Lake Kerkini and More


Lake Kerkini was a destination I meant to visit for the longest time. The combination of water, nature and wildlife have always fascinated me. Greece is renowned as a sea and sun destination, but its mainland is where she keeps her valuables! Instead of seeing flocks of tourists I prefer to take a boat ride and admire more than 300 species of birds; view buffalo herds grazing the fields; take walks or horseback rides around the lake and then savour some delicious local recipes! Read more