Kastoria: Mansions, Fur-Traders and Lakeside Walks

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KASTORIA 1 Kastoria: Mansions, Fur Traders and Lakeside Walks

Discover the beautiful Macedonian lakeside city with its grand mansions and a rich history.

Kastoria is not an easy city. The cold is bitter, the streets are confusing and even the lake doesn’t help you navigate. I got lost many times; each time I thought I’d found my way when I reached the lake only to discover another part I hadn’t seen before. A huge glass-like surface, frozen by the cold, seemed to constantly reappear in front of me. Read more

Wreck Diving in Greece: Top 10 Wrecks you Should Dive

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WRECKDIVING PIPER 01 Wreck Diving in Greece: Top 10 Wrecks you Should Dive

Diving in Greece can satisfy even the most experienced of divers.

Most diving destinations around the world offer an opportunity to explore marine nature. In Greece, diving also offers a look into modern history.

From the Gulf of Evia to the Saronic Gulf, both close to Athens, and the Ionian Sea in western Greece, to the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, Greece’s seabed is a vast museum of modern wrecks. Offering more than just rusted metal sheets, each wreck carries its own unique history.  Read more