Natural Marvels in Greece

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Discover the singular works of Mother Nature

Tymfi dragonlake  720X465 Natural Marvels in Greece

Nature, this all-powerful sculptor and architect has -over the millennia- shaped astounding landscapes, and moulded intricate and peculiar creations across the country on solid ground and underwater. And what better way to discover them, than to go there on a springtime trip!? Read more

Hidden Paradise Within Cyclades

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shutterstock 99161444 Ios Hidden Paradise Within Cyclades

You have most likely read many articles about the Greek Islands and the Cyclades, most of them focused on Mykonos and Santorini. Therefore we have decided to show you some secret gems of the Cyclades, different from the touristy and popular “Instagram” islands. Greece is beautiful due to the country’s diversity, there are more than 2.000 islands to visit and still only very few are popular. Read more

Filming in Greece

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Greek Destinations captured on Blockbuster films  

Ionia Kefalonia assos 01 photo Merakos Filming in Greece

The Greek Islands have many a time been chosen as filming locations. Their blue and turquoise-hued waters and bright sunlight have starred in various blockbuster movies. Read more

Make Your Holiday a Wellness Experience

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Well-being means bliss. Well-being means fullness and balance between mind and body.

1 Make Your Holiday a Wellness Experience

Αncient Greeks knew its value very well. They made it a lifestyle, drawing inspiration from the generous Greek land. Therefore, well-being translates into a simple, yet rich diet with mother earth’s most pristine products along with a program of non-rigorous exercise, both in complete harmony. The background of course for this to take place would be amidst the beautiful Greek landscape. A magical environment is full of surprises. Read more