4 Ways to Fall Madly in Love with Kythira

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IMG 6970 4 Ways to Fall Madly in Love with Kythira

The warm, buttery Oia sunsets in Santorini, the southern charm of Crete, and the mazes of whitewashed buildings in Mykonos are some of the main attractions luring travelers to Greece. While it’s true that these are some must-see sites on your Mediterranean vacation, for me the ultimate treasure is one many travelers miss. A defining trait of my slow travel experience is making the major tourist destinations supporting characters rather than the main focus of the trips. My love of slow travel tied in seamlessly with my visit to the stunning island of Kythira. Ready to fall in love? Here are the four activities that shouldn’t be missed.

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«Tsiknopempti»: Feast on the best grilled chops in Athens

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One of the most known customs of Carnival is that of Shrove Thursday. Ahead of the great religious fasting of Lent, the Shrove Thursday (this year on 12/2) is a day when, throughout Greece, the coals are red-hot and pieces of all kinds of meat are laid on grills, filling the air with a smell of grilling meat (tsikna), which gives its name to this special day “Tsiknopempti”. Read more

Patras know-how: live the most famous Greek carnival

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034 011 Patras know how: live the most famous Greek carnival One of the largest and most lively cities of Greece, Patras is home to the country’s most famous carnival, with 180 years of history, a lot of fun, dancing, singing and very impressive floats. So, you too shout the famous slogan “Patras Carnival forever” and let yourselves get carried away in the special carnival events, such as the Treasure Hunt, the Bourboulia and, of course, the Children’s Carnival, which traditionally pave the way for the culmination with the Grand Parade on the last Sunday of the Carnival (22/2). Read more


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Keros Club KEROS FOR ALL Surf Club Keros is located on Limnos, (Greek: Λήμνος,) a Greek island located in the northern Aegean Sea. Limnos is the 8th biggest Greek island, it has only thirty villages and settlements, and has maintained its virgin character over the years. Known for its Mediterranean climate and strong winds, Limnos ultimately deserves its nickname “the wind-ridden one”. Read more

Athens… A city full of modern monuments

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IMG 8459 1024x682 Athens… A city full of modern monuments   Α visit to Athens is never complete unless the traveler spends a day in the alleys and shops of McArthurGlen designer outlet. The outlet is designed in neoclassical style, with outdoor paved alleys, unique shops, free parking for its visitors and high aesthetics, similar to the most famous designer outlets abroad. Here, anyone can enjoy a meaningful shopping experience, with beloved designer brands and truly privileged prices. Read more