Must do activities in Crete

Knossosl Must do activities in Crete

The largest of all Greek islands has something to offer to everyone to see, taste and admire. 

Crete has been one the earliest and  most successful civilisations, especially that of the Minoan which disappeared suddenly from history. It is believe that a tsunami caused by earthquakes near what is today Santorini brought destruction to the Minoans, but their prints are still all over Crete. In Greek mythology Crete preserves a great role, especially as
it is believed to be the birth place of Zeus. Hence, it cannot be anything else but a haven for holidays and if you heading there this summer here are a few things that can done while there.

KNOSSOS Must do activities in Crete
Visit the Minoan ruins
Perhaps the most famous is Knossos, because of the Knossos Palace, but others include Minoan Palace of Phaistos in south-central Crete, the Zakros Minoan Palace and the Malia Minoan Palace in Malia, which are great for those that don’t want to be too far out from the partying capital in Crete. The Knossos Palace is closely related to the Minoans civilisation, from the Bronze Age, and this would have been a central part of their ceremonial and political activity. It is believed that here stood the labyrinth build by orders of King Minos
to trap the Minotaur, a part man part bull monster.

Samaria gorge Must do activities in Crete
The Gorges of the White Mountains
If you are a fan of hiking then going through the longest gorge in Europe would most likely be your dream. The gorges of the White Mountain are widely renowned for beauty and great views. The Samaria Gorge is the most popular as it takes you down from nearly 1300 metres of altitude to the Libyan sea in Agia Roumeli, stretching between the mountains for nearly 16km. If this too much for you than you can pick some easier hikes from a choice of nearly 50 gorges in the White Mountains, but if you are up to the challenge then take the gorge of Klados in the west of the Samaria gorge but don’t forget to bring you climber’s equipment.

Malia1 Must do activities in Crete
What the heck? After all you are going on holiday to have fun and
why not visit the most hyper and vibrant resort in the island. Malia
will offer plenty of choice for bars, drinks, music and fun. Party
goes on until the early hours of the morning of every summer day
hence expect only the most eager party lovers to keep up partying
throughout their holiday. If your aim is to have a more relaxed
approach to partying you will not be disappointed either as almost
all resorts in the islands will offer a choice of bars or restaurants
with a lively atmosphere and entertainment.

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