Lesvos island, Aegean Archipelago, Greece & Alternative Sailing

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Lesvos: A 3-dimensional trip with Alternative Sailingtokmakia 01 Lesvos island, Aegean Archipelago, Greece & Alternative Sailing

Are you tired of the trodden paths and feel that you want this year’s vacation to be special, unique and unforgettable? You can find all these in one of the most beautiful island in the Aegean Archipelago. Its name is Lesvos. You don’t need to say much concerning this island. It’s so big and offers such a variety of activities, that you can never get bored. It’s cosmopolitan for those who want an active night life and wish to be out till the early morning hours but it’s also quiet for those who wish to “hide” away in a small bay. A lush natural environment, exceptional architecture, centuries of history, unique places of worship, a rich cultural life and an amazing local cuisine.

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The beaches of Lesvos carry their own colour. Crystal clear waters with seven Blue Flags in well-known island beaches await you. But the most amazing, magic beaches are hidden inside small bays that are often not accessible by the road. In order to swim into these, you need a vessel. A complicated network of wetlands spreads along the two gulfs on the island but also inland where you will be able to meet a plethora of local and rare species of flora and fauna. Apart from the natural beauty the visitor can admire the well-kept villages, the traditional settlements and the castles dominating the hills above them. You can follow the island’s history when you visit the archaeological and folk museums. The island is additionally well-known for its monasteries which attract thousands of pilgrims who come to pay their respects. For the fans of good cuisine the island offers a variety of dishes , “mezes” and rich food accompanied by the famous “ouzo” , a drink producer in a big number of small or bigger local distilleries.

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You can enjoy all these sailing and combining them with activities like scuba – diving, cycling, hiking or simply watching wild nature. Alternative Sailing is a company based in Lesvos but expanding its activities all over the Northern or Southern Aegean. With its brand-new sailboats and safety offered by its experienced skippers you can travel carefree in dreamlike places with your family or/and friends. Choose one of the proposed trips or contact us so we can plan one that fits your wishes together.

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For those who haven’t seen its beauties but also for those who keep coming back, Lesvos has always something new to offer. This year Lesvos and Alternative Sailing offer a 3-dimensional trip!!! Sail around the island, go scuba – diving under its waters and explore some of the shipwrecks, cycle among the olive groves, walk through the wetlands and climb its pine forested mountains. Using the sailboat as your base, we offer you the chance to explore Mytilini (the capital), Molyvos, Plomari, Sigri (with its petrified forest), and the two unique Gulfs of Kalloni and Gera as well as the nearby islands. On land and at sea Alternative Sailing is your choice! Come today and get the experience of a lifetime

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