Koriantolino drink


coriantolino1 150x150 Koriantolino drink

Rhodes is a Greek island with so many influences by the Venetians. So the local traditional drink and famous souvenir is not a Greek traditional souvenir. The Koriantolino is the most common souvenir for the tourist the last few years and it is a good looking drink within an amazingly decorated bottle.
Although Koriantolino is manufactured in Rhodes and is a mix of ouzosugar and a branch of coriander it is not commonly consumed by locals. The production is quite limited as there is no automated process to produce and that may be the reason why the consumption is low. The aroma of this drink is based on the coriander and the alcohol content ranging between 33 to 38 degrees.
koriantolino1 150x150 Koriantolino drink
The branch is surrounded by sugar and creates a unique spectacle in the bottle. Koriantolino can be found in many places in Rhodes, including supermarkets, liquor stores and tourist shops both in the Old City and outside. It is a unique gift for both your loved ones and yourself. But beware! You should always drink Koriantolino diluted!


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