Intense On-line Marketing & New Tools: Challenges & Perspectives

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The conference held at the Museum of Cycladic Art on March 11, 2014 debated the role Technology plays and the developments it brings in Travel & Tourism. Divided in three Sessions, we were introduced to today’s technological advancements, such as applications and mobile tools that make the travelers’ voyage a more fulfilling and personalized experience. What’s more, driven by the need for more with less, especially after the global economic downturn, the technological developments which boosted trust in online bookings and payments as well as the social implications that follow, the sharing economy has exploded over the past few years and is now to be considered a major game changer, especially for the travel industry.

Opening Remarks from:
Olga Kefalogianni, Greek Minister of Tourism
Isabel Garana, Regional Managerfor Europe, UNWTO
Teodora Marinska, Finance Manager,ETC(Take a peek at her presentation)

In the first session, Costa Dedegikas, from SNF New Media Lab SFU, as a moderator of the panel he carried out the discussion about the trends and developments in Travel and Tourism. The key point was that technology is important for the development of Greek tourism as well as the widespread use of new applications and high-tech. He presented some examples of how communication and information technologies are applicable to tourism.
Dionisis Kolokotsas, Public Policy manager, Google(Take a peek at his presentation)
Eliza Domenech, Project manager, Segitur
Dimitrios Buhalis, Director of eTourismLab, Bournemouth University….(Watch his video presentation)
Watch a video about Europe, Whenever you are ready

In the second session, Manolis Psarros from About Tourism, as a moderator of the panel he led the discussion about the Power of Sharing Economy. Nowadays, hospitality and travel companies as well as destination authorities face the challenge to become more flexible and readjust their way of thinking in order to be more competitive. When it comes to choosing a holiday destination the internet is of great influence to younger age groups.
Chad Shiver Senior DMO Sales Executive, Trip Advisor(Take a peek at his presentation)
Alex Trimis CEO Cofounder a peek at his presentation)
Watch a video about

In the third session, Dimitris Serifis from, as a moderator of the panel carried out a discussion about Tourism, mobile tools and Travel Apps. Emphasis was laid on the fact that content is the “King”. Applications, sites and tech tools in general must handle content differently.
Jason Frydakis Smart TV Content Manager, Samsung Electronics Hellas(Take a peek at his presentation)
Alex Karageorgis Managing Director of Think Digital and Danai Christopoulou from Daily Secret (Take a peek at their presentation)
Konstantinos Kontos iOS Engineer, SNF New Media Lab, SFU … (Take a peek at his presentation)


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