Here comes Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013!

01 DSC 1039 Here comes Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013!From 15th of May until 15th of June, Mount Athos Area (Halkidiki) lives the myth of its greatest gastronomic feast!02 HAL0821 Here comes Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013!
Sealed by the organisational signature of chef Dina Nikolaou, more than 15 chefs create menus and tastes which highlight the local tradition, the culinary backgrounds and influences, but the local products as well. Gastronomic contests, cooking lessons, traditional nature’s celebrations, pastry demonstrations…all dance for a whole month around a tourism maypole, which attracts thousands of visitors to the region.
03 DSC 1028 Here comes Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013!
One of the most particular characteristics is the Aristotelian Walk, a route of 17km, protected by the European Treaty Natura 2000, the mountain of Aristotle, ie where hundreds of rare plants and herbs are hosted, which- according to ancient writings- the philosopher advised Great Alexander to use as medication during battles or his disease.
Following on the steps of Aristotle
You can also collect these plants viewing to Acanthios Gulf and head to Ancient Stageira, where Aristotle was born and gaze the most beautiful view you have ever imagined. Between history and nature’s majesty!
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