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Greece4All: A brand new and remarkable approach for the supply of important information on accessible tourism issues.

Greece, is one of the most attractive international tourist destinations.  It is a country with an intense anthropocentric element, trying to satisfy and adequately respond to the travelling demands of visitors from all over the world, without limitations or exclusions. People with increased moving needs, often encounter lack of information and, as a result, may reject Greece as their travelling destination.

Having already experienced this specific need and, driven by the love and respect for people with disabilities, senior citizens and, all  those in need for accessible tourist infrastructure, we designed the platform.  In this platform, we consolidate and offer all required information, so that everybody can discover the country’s unexplored tourist “ treasures”.  In addition, we believe that we make a contribution towards developing more effective accessibility throughout our country.

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Kindly visit, evaluate places and facilities already visited, communicate with us and become our live publicity!  Day after day, we enrich the site contents by adding new destinations and languages.

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