Greece for Retro Lovers

bee me red dress1 Greece for Retro Lovers

Did you know that Athens is a true paradise for Retro Lovers? Here is a small shopping guide if you wish to buy clothes, shoes, accessorizes and furniture with nostalgic vibe…

retro shoes Greece for Retro Lovers

If you are looking for vintage jewellery, bags and shoes take a walk to Monastiraki Square. Here you can find statement necklaces, tangled earrings and fancy rings, leather bags and second hand clothes, which could belong to an artist’s wardrobe. You will also discover a great bazaar of antiques and retro style furniture for all tastes and pockets.

retro style  fabrics Greece for Retro Lovers

If you like sewing or knitting then the region around Mitropoleos Square is the right place for you. Here you will find a wide variety of fabrics with dots, stripes and stylish prints which will boost your creativity!

black dress be me1 Greece for Retro Lovers

However, if you love vintage inspired clothes and you don’t feel like wasting too much time searching, Bee me couture is a Greek brand which creates beautiful romantic outfits with a modern twist.

Text by Bee me couture

Cover photo by La poupée boutique

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