Must do things on Santorini

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1 Sunrise Must do things on Santorini

Today I will give you two amazing tips of to do things on Santorini. One of them is really special, I think  Every time I travel I search a lot about the place I’m visiting. That´s just my way to familiarize myself with the culture, customs, the history and the region. When I researched about Santorini the most commented topic was the sunset. Everyone said ‘you cannot miss the sunset; Santorini has the most beautiful sunset in the world…‘ But Read more

“Facts about Greece” | Episode 1

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Did you know that?

We created a new series of videos with interesting and fun facts about Greece! Stay tuned and find out even more reasons for which Greece is such a unique place.

We plan on enriching our list of fun facts about Greece and will include facts that only you know! Feel free to leave your comment and we will try to include your contribution in upcoming videos.