In Love with Crete

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SAM 5542 In Love with Crete

In October 2015 I was able to make a much appreciated trip to Crete and concentrated on its eastern region having centred myself in Agios Nikolaos.  The outstanding Gulf of Mirabello, Spinalonga the island with its long history and its recent sad past and now focus as a heritage island, the glorious beach at Vai with the palm trees, the awesome archaeology in Lato, the Monastery at Toplou and last but not least the wonderful Archaeological Museum in Heraklion itself where one could spend hours and still only touch the surface. Read more

The best 10 beaches in Lesvos

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81 The best 10 beaches in Lesvos

The beaches of Lesvos is the jewel of the island as their beauty is unique! Lesvos is a water paradise where you will experience moments of endless summer magic. Worth only one visit to convince you! I am sure that you will love them! The beaches of Lesvos is world famous and extremely popular as known for their purity, the clarity of its waters and its unique diversity. Read more

Spring is in the air…Let’s ride!

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IMAG2853 Spring is in the air…Lets ride!

Kalimera as the locals say, and a good morning it is, it’s the first of March, officially spring and the Greek weather is once again keeping its end of the bargain; beautiful blue skies, bright sunshine and a pleasant 21 degrees. What does any self respecting cyclist do on a day like this? That’s right, go on a ride! And why wouldn’t you, with thousands of miles of coastal roads looking out over the endless blue sea, mountainous climbs, lush green forests, inland lakes and windy country lanes, Greece is a cyclist’s heaven. Read more