Spring is in the air…Let’s ride!

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IMAG2853 Spring is in the air…Lets ride!

Kalimera as the locals say, and a good morning it is, it’s the first of March, officially spring and the Greek weather is once again keeping its end of the bargain; beautiful blue skies, bright sunshine and a pleasant 21 degrees. What does any self respecting cyclist do on a day like this? That’s right, go on a ride! And why wouldn’t you, with thousands of miles of coastal roads looking out over the endless blue sea, mountainous climbs, lush green forests, inland lakes and windy country lanes, Greece is a cyclist’s heaven. Read more

Gigantes aka Giant Beans with Tomato Sauce in the Oven

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41 Gigantes aka Giant Beans with Tomato Sauce in the Oven

Have you ever tried gigantes ? In Greece, we love to cook Giant Beans with Tomato Sauce, Olive Oil and Mediterranean Herbs and Spices. We slow cook them in the oven and then enjoy them with wine, ouzo or tsipouro. And the best thing about them is not their divine taste but the fact that you can actually store them in vase in your refrigerator and consume them any time with friends as a quick meze without even having to warm them up! Read more

Delicious tastes of “Sarakosti” from every corner of Greece

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2 lentil yolenis1 Delicious tastes of Sarakosti from every corner of Greece

Greek `Sarakosti`, the Greek Orthodox (Great) Lent got its name from the number forty (40), which equals to the fasting period that Moses on Mount Sinai or the days that Prophet Elijah spent in the desert of Horeb, before they met God. Nevertheless, number 40 was especially formulated after the example of Christ, who fasted for 40 days before begining his public action. Read more

The view from my Greek island door

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the view from my greek island door1 The view from my Greek island door

Every morning, when I wake up I go to the kitchen door, open the upper half and spend a few moments looking. It isn’t the most dramatic view, no dazzling ocean or sweeping valley. It isn’t the Lake District or the Rocky Mountains. It is a quiet rural view across the Aegean, from Syros to Sifnos. I can see patches of vineyard, pony paddocks and sheep fields. There are rows of olive trees dotted about, small lanes weave up the soft hill scape on either side of the blue waters of the Aegean beyond the vineyard. The morning sun casts different shadows, calm sounds of goats and chickens, soft movements of boats in the distance. It is a patchwork of peace and solace. It is a view that welcomes you in, invites you to examine its many facets. It is a slow burning, endlessly fascinating view that lifts your heart. Read more

Four Secluded Greek Island Beaches

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Voutoumi beach Four Secluded Greek Island Beaches

What do you dream of when imagining your perfect beach escape? Soft sand and warm waters? Cabanas and cocktails? Or is it just simply somewhere quiet, secluded and peaceful? The popularity of the beach-going experience means that most Greek Island beaches are packed from dawn ‘til dusk. However, this isn’t always the case. For all of you out there dreaming of a peaceful Greek paradise, here are our top four quiet and secluded beaches in the Greek Islands. Read more