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shutterstock 127190681 MYCENAE The archaeological site of Mycenae is securely located between two hills and the grassy plain of Argos stretches before this ancient city. Mycenae was the most important city in the Greek peninsula during the late years of the Bronze Age and gave its name to one of the most pioneering civilizations of this era: the Mycenaean civilization. Read more

A family affair…

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Cretan Music travels across the world

A Family Affair is an inspirational film about the power of family and music, told through the lives and times of Greece’s most famous musical family. It is a story about the unique and little known musical tradition of Crete and the people who have chosen to carry it. Read more

A Road Trip in Greece

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untitled 1 of 1 2 1200x800 1024x682 A Road Trip in GreeceAfter you have reveled in the beauty of Athens, the energy of the city, and the delights of the Greek kitchen, contemplate following the road less traveled. Of course, the islands can easily snatch your attention with azure seas and slow breezes, but consider heading north. I spent four amazing days exploring the main land. Read more