Autumn in Greece: 10 Amazing Getaways

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1 Autumn in Greece: 10 Amazing Getaways

Arachthos, the emerald choice of rafting enthousiasts

Beat the autumn blues where sunny days last longer.

1. Arachthos: rafting in green waters

The Arachthos River, whose source lies in the Pindos Mountains, in northwestern Greece, is 135km in length and flows out into the Ambracian Gulf. The emerald shade of the river makes it sensationally beauty. The Arachthos is renowned for its stone bridges and outdoor recreational activities, including rafting. Watersport enthusiasts should check out Via Natura, a rafting company active in the region throughout the year. Read more

Freerunning in Santorini

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Red Bull Art of Motion 11 Freerunning in Santorini

SANTORINI, Greece – Against the backdrop of Oia’s majestic scenery, Bart Van Der Linden from Netherlands landed at top podium, outrunning the competition’s favorites DK and Pasha and grabbing his first title ever at Red Bull Art of Motion. The stunning competition proved for another year that there are no limits in raising the bar of freerunning, showcasing up leveled tricks and outstanding athlete runs. Read more

Delos: Roaming the Remnants of a Forgotten City

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1 Delos: Roaming the Remnants of a Forgotten City

You’ve heard of Mykonos for it’s round white and blue topped buildings, curling alleyways and stone paths serving as a picturesque backdrop on many a computer screen. During the summer months the entire island is filled with party goers and beach seekers as if a throwback to the times of the ancient Greeks where Dionysus themed parties and free flowing wine were a staple of the everyday life. Read more