“I read; I travel; I become” Derek Walcott

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12895246 1033362446743429 20864382 n “I read; I travel; I become” Derek Walcott

I wondered many times why I like reading and even more why I like travelling … maybe it’s because deep down “I read while travelling and I travel while reading”? If I consider the experiences with which a book fulfils me, the cultures that I come in contact with, the different communities I discover and “live in”, then I understand that reading is nothing else but a “journey” at different times and societies. Read more

7 Tips For Your Romantic Honeymoon In Santorini

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Santorini photographer 7 Tips For Your Romantic Honeymoon In Santorini

There are many honeymoon destinations around the world, but none are more amazing or beautiful than the island of Santorini. From the minute you arrive on the island until the time you leave, you will be mesmerized by the sights, sounds and aromas that you encounter during your stay. In order to have a fabulous time on your honeymoon in Santorini, there are a few places and things that you need to know about. Here are 7 tips for you that guarantee that you will enjoy your honeymoon and that you will also never want to leave Santorini. Read more

Honeymoon in Greece

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mykonos Honeymoon in Greece

Greece has always been considered to be the land of desire. Sensuality has been a very important part of the Greek culture right since its inception. You pick up their mythology, or you pick up their stories or you simply visit one of the islands and you will realize that Greece has seduction oozing out from every nook and cranny.

In my vivid imagination, Greece is the perfect destination for honeymoon. If you are wondering why, let us check out this list of the best destinations for honeymoon in Greece that consist of Romantic Greek Islands and some really exotic places: Read more

BMX adventures in the Aegean Islands

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Manaras 247 The Aegean Adventure 1 BMX adventures in the Aegean Islands

Pro BMX rider Panagiotis Manaras decided to repeat the thrilling non-stop tour that he attempted last year for the very first time on the Ionian islands! This time he set sail for the Cycladic Islands with his Spanish guest, the BMX pro rider Sergio Layos. From windswept Andros, to the tiny alleys on Mykonos, then on to Santorini’s gorgeous setting and ended on the moonlike Sarakiniko bay on Milos. Read more