Top 5: Greek Islands

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38 Top 5: Greek Islands

The 100 or so inhabited Greek islands have something for everyone: History buffs can revel in the remnants of millennia of human habitation. Sun-seekers have their pick of countless beaches. Gourmands and wine aficionados will have many opportunities to wine and dine. And adventure seekers can partake in scuba diving, cliff jumping and more.

The best all-around islands offering a combination of these experiences are: Read more

Lake Prespa – on the edge of Greece

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13 Lake Prespa   on the edge of Greece

Lake Prespa is a location that is unique—it belongs to three different countries. I stand in Greece—across the water I can see a village in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and over to my left I can see the mountains of Albania. This is a spot on the edge of Greece. We’d arrived by way of Florina on our way to Agios Germanos, which is situated about 7km from Lake Prespa. Read more

Crete: A Driver’s Guide

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1 Crete: A Driver’s Guide

Driving in Crete can be said to be, well, different. The Cretan roadways and native drivers prove intimidating for visitors and often deter people from exploring this gorgeous region of Greece on their own. However, with a little education about what to expect from the roads, you can gain a sense of awareness that will help you stay safe and calm while exploring. Here is what you need to know. Read more

Classical Athens in 8 Hours

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classical athens in 8 hours Classical Athens in 8 Hours

For many people Athens is a convenient gateway to the Greek Islands. While that was also part of my plan, I was glad to have spent a few days in the city before embarking on my island hopping itinerary. As one of the oldest cities in the world, so much of what we know today can be traced back to ancient Athens – democracy, philosophy, mathematics, architecture, theatre and even the 26-mile marathon. Read more