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serifos 4 Serifos

Serifos Island is place with a sprinkle of magic. A place that makes you feel closer to mother earth; a place that makes you communicate a bit better with yourself; a place that brings you closer to your other half – if you already found yours. Read more

10 Best Places For Scuba Diving In Greece

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An engaging and breathtaking holiday in Greece takes many forms. And an underwater adventure is one of them.

shutterstock 56876182 10 Best Places For Scuba Diving In Greece
The Greek seas hide some of the most gorgeous spots for scuba diving and snorkelling. With over 230 inhabited islands, vast coastline, and stunning beaches, every slip into the water gives you an opportunity to enjoy a huge variety of wrecks, caverns, and reefs. Not forgetting the bountiful of marine creatures that have made this beautiful underwater world their residence. Read more


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60788084 304095987178932 6634738957714194432 n BLUECYCLE The first integrated programme of recycling marine plastic waste from fishing and shipping activities BlueCycle is a Blue and Circular economy initiative with a holistic approach to marine plastic waste generated from shipping and fishing activities. Read more

Frutalia Omelette from Andros Island

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Frutalia cu w Frutalia Omelette from Andros Island

Delving into the secrets of traditional Greek cooking, I never cease to be amazed by how delectable and comforting recipes have been practiced and honed to perfection over the years, with each season’s offerings, focusing on the highest quality. At the same time, the country’s vastly varied topography and diverse microclimates offer a wide assortment of local cuisines and dishes unique to a certain island or prefecture. Take Andros for example and its characteristic “frutalia” omelette, a satisfying meal made with a handful of carefully chosen local ingredients. Read more

5 reasons to fall in love with Andros Island

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Andros 1 5 reasons to fall in love with Andros Island

Greece is a country blessed with the gift of countless beautiful islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas. No wonder why during summer months these little pieces of heaven attract thousands of visitors. However, there is one island which still remains an untouched paradise waiting to be discovered even though it’s just a 2h ferry ride from Rafina port near Athens. Andros Island is a hidden gem in the Cyclades and we’ve put together just a few of the reasons why one can easily fall in love with its charms. Read more