Meteora Monasteries in Kalambaka

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P10502011 Meteora Monasteries in KalambakaThe Meteora are rock formations formed as a result of the erosion of wind and rain over time creating separate pillars of various height and width. Centuries ago, monks seeking quiet solitude for their devotions created small places of prayer by making cells inside caves that had eroded from the side of the rocks, and the area came to be known as a holy place. Amazingly, around the 14th Century, many monasteries started to be built at the very top of the rock pillars, access being gained only by removable ladders and winch systems used to haul up baskets and nets – for goods and people!!. Read more

A food tour beyond all expectations!

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20171221 14073201 A food tour beyond all expectations!

If you are into a food tasting tour in Athens, what a better chance to discover the greatness of the traditional Greek cuisine  in a food tour which combines tasting culinary treasures with roaming the historic city center of Athens, one of the most beautiful and important Mediterranean cities. This tour takes place in picturesque neighborhoods and is specially designed to make us feel the meaning of food in Greece and eat like a local. Read more