Easter in a fortified tower-town!

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monemvasia1442 Easter in a fortified tower town!source: Municipality of Monemvasia

Spending Easter in Monemvasia is definitely a spiritual experience, as the locals live the Passion Week in devoutness and deep contemplation. Delve into an overwhelming spiritual atmosphere and participate into sacred rituals, ancient-old traditions and joyful celebrations! Read more

Olympic Flame Lighting

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olympic flame lighting 510 elaborated Olympic Flame Lighting

Ancient Olympia, July 20, 1936, 12 noon: The Olympic Flame is alight for the very first time by the Greek sun at the sacred and historic site of Ancient Olympia.

Ever since, the unique event of the Flame Lighting Ceremony has acted as herald for the Olympic Games worldwide. The Sacred Flame travels the country where the games are to be held and burns for as long as the Olympic Games last, as a strong reminder of the land that gave birth to them. Read more

My top 10 of Greece

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corfu My top 10 of Greece

Greece is a country of unique beauty and has something special to offer to every visitor, regardless of age or taste. Having traveled throughout Greece, I have selected 10 special destinations, every one of which is a complete experience for all the senses. Read more

Gastronomy in Greece – Cretan Food

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crete food Gastronomy in Greece   Cretan Food

It is our strong belief that Greek cuisine has four secrets: good quality of fresh ingredients, correct use of flavourings (herbs) and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and simplicity.

During a recent trip to Crete, Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott explored the island of Crete. They both had the opportunity to discover the diversity of food in Crete and as they say: “When it comes to Cretan food, you could say it features the three F’s: freshness, fragrance and family.”

In a recent article on Uncornered Market they write:

Cretan cuisine is one of foundation, not of complicated sauces. Its strength lies in the quality and freshness of its ingredients, the use of wild herbs and greens, and purity of taste. And not to be forgotten, the copious use of olive oil, Crete’s liquid gold.

We’ll touch on the ingredients and philosophy of Cretan food before diving into some of our favorite appetizers and sides, mains, desserts and drinks — and where we consumed them. The goal: so you don’t come to Crete looking only for gyros and souvlaki.

Let’s dig in!

Read the complete article here

An Athenian Abroad

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sounio An Athenian Abroad

At 17 I moved to the USA for university and ended up staying there for approximately 8 years. Like anyone who leaves home for the first time, I missed my friends and family, the sun and beach and the sense of security provided by familiar surroundings. However, as I acclimated to my home away from home and throughout my frequent holiday and summer visits to Greece, I realized that aside from the typical longings, I felt the absence of some unexpected parts of Athens. Although there were a number of Athenian experiences I missed, the three most prevalent were the following: Read more

Top 10 reasons why you should choose to visit Greece in 2012

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SANTORINI FIRA Top 10 reasons why you should choose to visit Greece in 2012

The New Year incites each of us to think about and plan new travel experiences or even relive, past, joyful ones. With diversity in landscapes, experiences, alternative activities, gastronomy & wine and a culture starting from ancient times, to name a few, Greece offers a plethora of reasons for which one should visit. We have tried to limit ourselves to the top 10 reasons, in no particular order, for which a hopeful traveler should choose Greece as their next destination. Read more

Welcome to the official blog of Visit Greece

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sunrise andros Welcome to the official blog of Visit Greece

Hello world!

Today we are really proud to launch our brand new Visit Greece Blog!

We decided to create the Visit Greece Blog in order to share original, informative and fun posts with the travel community online. Given our active and dynamic presence in social media, Facebook | Google+ | YouTube | Twitter | Flickr Group | Foursquare the creation of  this blog is our next step in enhancing our online presence your experience. Read more