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The Greek National Tourism Organization and the blog give professionals and amateurs from the tourism field the opportunity to write their own posts, which are based upon their own personal experiences.
Meanwhile, it also gives experienced editors, who love travelling in our country, the opportunity to exhibit primary, original content, such as articles, photographs and videos. Each post will be signed by the writer and will include the individual’s personal webpage/blog, as well as his/her social media profiles.


  • Every article (blog post) must be unique, original and have been written by you. If it has been previously published in a different website/blog or a print edition, permission must be granted to the GNTO in order for it to be posted on the Visit Greece Blog.
  • Since the blog does not only address a Greek audience, blogs written in both Greek and English will be hosted.
  • Each post is limited to 500 words.
  • The writing style should be special and experiential, emphasizing the usability of the information and the fast – pleasant informing of the reader. Articles such as “Top 10 List” – “Must See Destinations” – “To Dos in Greece” are indicative formats and styles. (word documents)
  • Posts may include photographs and videos. Nevertheless, prior to posting, please be certain that you own the intellectual property rights of the material.
  • If you have audiovisual material from your travels in Greece, you may include it, along with original text, in order to create a new post. (pictures in jpeg format, videos uploaded in YouTube or Vimeo)
  • You may also include photographs and/or video that have already been uploaded to a personal social network, such as Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and more.
  • Please send all related attachments to


Galaxidi: the famous naval town

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Galaxidi s130953017 560 Galaxidi: the famous naval town

Through the stunning mountainous landscapes of Fokida one reaches a town with a feel of posh, tradition, and naval history: the picturesque pride and joy of the southern coasts of central Greece, i.e. Galaxidi. Brave seamen used to sail around the Mediterranean Sea to seek refuge in the two natural ports of the little town, Agora and Chirolakas. The naval and the folklore museums bear witness to the history of Galaxidi. Read more

Nafpaktos: a jewel of a town

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Nafpaktos s 698600170 560 Nafpaktos: a jewel of a town

Built between Antirrio and the mouth of the river Mornos, Nafpaktos is the most beautiful town of the district of Aitoloakarnania. Its idyllic beaches face the Corinthian gulf; its mountain attractiveness encompasses Nafpaktia; its rich history is reflected on two fabulous monuments, the Venetian castle and the Venetian port. Read more

Path Art Way on Amorgos Island

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 Path Art Way on Amorgos IslandIn the first days of September, let’s visit  Amorgos in order to meet  17 visual artists creating and shaping works along the path that goes from Vroutsi to Rachoula in the southern part of the island(Kàto Merià) Their project is based on the history of Cyclades and raw materials of Amorgos. Installations inspired by the recent past, the needs and the purpose of the path, aiming to shed a different light on the landscape.  Read more

Guided tours at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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shutterstock 97818944 Panepistimio Guided tours at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens opens its “home” to the general public and invites you to get to know the Propylaia, one of the most emblematic landmarks of the capital city of the Greek state. Founded in 1839 and designed by the Danish architect Hans Christian Hansen, the neoclassical building and its monumental precinct bring up the most acknowledged highlights of Greek national history. Read more

Epidaurus Lyceum: International Summer School on Ancient Drama

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Theme (2018): City and the Citizen

CYCLE A: July 2- 16, 2018
CYCLE B: July 18- August 1, 2018

Lykeio 2017 002 Epidaurus Lyceum: International Summer School on Ancient DramaThe Epidaurus Lyceum, is an international summer school of ancient drama studies and practice located in the area of ancient Epidaurus, operating annually during the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, which aims at the participation of students and graduates from Theatre Academies, Drama Schools, Dance Schools and Performing Arts’ Universities from around the world. Read more