Path Art Way on Amorgos Island

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 Path Art Way on Amorgos IslandIn the first days of September, let’s visit  Amorgos in order to meet  17 visual artists creating and shaping works along the path that goes from Vroutsi to Rachoula in the southern part of the island(Kàto Merià) Their project is based on the history of Cyclades and raw materials of Amorgos. Installations inspired by the recent past, the needs and the purpose of the path, aiming to shed a different light on the landscape.  Read more

The Cyclades – Great Expectations!

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IMG 7014 The Cyclades   Great Expectations!When you travel, expectation and reality can be two very different things.  My first trip to the Cyclades was filled with enormous expectations…one of quiet, golden sandy beaches, sea water in every shade of blue and food so divine, it was as if Zeus himself was in the kitchen!  And, the reality?  The Cyclades have been everything I have expected and more.  So much so, I have returned the following two summers, after that first trip, to explore more of this magical archipelago in the Aegean.  From the hills of Amorgos to the crystal-clear waters of Koufonisia, the glamour of Mykonos to the jaw-dropping drama of Santorini, the Greek Cyclades deliver.  The island rhythms are slow and enchanting, the people friendly and the breeze cool.  Roaming from one island to another is pure bliss; with the Cyclades making it easy to forget anywhere else in the world exists! Read more

Dancing in the Castle town of Monemvasia

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ΚΑΣΤΡΟ ΜΟΝΕΜΒΑΣΙΑΣ1 Dancing in the Castle town of MonemvasiaA place where beauty meets history, Monemvasia has been one of the most important fortress towns in Greece and the hometown of Yiannis Ritsos, one of Greece’s most renowned poets. The imposing castle counts over 1500 years of history and is considered among the most beautiful in the world. As soon as the visitor crosses its gates, s/he enters a word of unique beauty with its very own pace of life. Situated atop a rock, it faces the Myrtoon Sea that offers the visitor the spectacular views of endless blue. Read more

Naxos – Greek Island Infatuation

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P1040294 Naxos    Greek Island Infatuation

Naxos is the largest and most fertile island in the Cyclades group, robed with pristine beaches on its coastline, and surrounded by blue Mediterranean beauty.  Inland there are ancient ruins, and traditional villages amphitheatrically cascading down the slopes of the mountains they nestle against.   According to Greek Mythology, the young Zeus was raised in a cave on Mt Zas ( ‘Zas’ meaning ‘Zeus’) in the centre of Naxos island, on the tallest peak in the Cyclades. Read more