A Holiday in Paxos

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Paxos 1 A Holiday in Paxos

It goes without saying that Greece has a number of different faces. It’s part of what makes the country such an appealing prospect, but it also gives each individual area a unique identity; something which it holds on to and is proud of. Looking to find an interesting part of Greece which caught my eye, I stumbled across some idyllic and captivating images of Antipaxos and some secluded beaches amongst tropical turquoise water. There wasn’t really any hesitation, I had to find out how to get there. Read more

“Christmas Food Festival”: the most tasteful three-day Christmas event in Athens!

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αθηνόραμ1 “Christmas Food Festival”: the most tasteful three day Christmas event in Athens!

The most glamorous and flavourful feast in the city, the “Christmas Food Festival” by “athinorama” opens its doors on Friday, December 4, at HELEXPO Maroussi exhibition centre, and will continue through December 6. With the slogan “Try, buy, celebrate!” it invites us to a free, endless testing of selected delicatessen. We buy goodies for the Christmas table; we choose unique gifts for our friends; we learn the secrets of popular, renowned chefs with recipes that will still the show in our festive dinner parties; and we have fun and enjoy a lasting festive happening. Read more

Back to Classics at the Acropolis in Athens

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16 Back to Classics at the Acropolis in Athens

You really can’t appreciate the weight of Ancient Greece until you step foot on Acropolis Hill. Its name means “high city”, soaring more than 150 meters (490 feet) and spanning 7.4 acres above the heart of historic Athens. The Acropolis is arguably one of the most important sites in the Western world, a natural fortress that has been inhabited as far back as the 4th millennium BC where gods were once worshiped and greats like Socrates and Plato once walked. Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Acropolis Museum

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15 Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis is synonymous with Athens. And while the former citadel may be on the top of most people’s list, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: visit the Acropolis Museum first.

The museum is relatively new to Athens, having opened less than a decade ago in 2009 to replace the too-small museum on Acropolis Hill. A visit has the power to put everything you’ll see at the Acropolis into an amazingly vivid context, connecting the dots between the marble ruins and filling in the blanks of nearly 2,500 years of history. I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this museum, which earned its rank high on my list of favorites in the world. Read more